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Buying hay for your rabbits

Rabbits’ hay is essential for their nutritional needs and also for dental care of your rabbits. Although grass is quite as important, hay amount should be at a higher percentage. Grass and hay should be the staple diet for your rabbits. However includes some veggies, healthy pellets, among others. Hay can be purchased in two forms: bales from a farm, stable, feed store, or packed for the retail market, such as the branded bags seen in pet stores. Buying hay by the bale is often cheaper and maybe just as excellent quality as pricey branded hay if you have enough storage space or a lot of rabbits to feed. A 20-30kg square bale of hay will cost roughly £5-15 (depending on the type of hay and where you reside), or less than 75p per kilogram. When you buy packaged hay, you pay for the brand, packing, shipping, and merchant markup; but it may be easier to locate and high quality.

However, hay quality is critical when buying hay—Theres a variety of hay in terms of color and texture. Hay’s look and nutritional content are affected by the type of grass used, when harvested, and how long it has been kept. This means that there may be differences in batches and kinds. You may need to look around for decent hay since some bales are old or of low quality, and some pre-packaged pet store hay is dusty, brown, and unappealing.

Quality hay should be green, smell pleasant rather than moldy, and not be dusty or wet. The greener the hay, the more nutritionally similar it is to grass. The browner the hay, the more fiber it has, but the fewer nutrients.

            How to encourage your rabbits to feed on hay

Many rabbits will refuse to consume hay despite its many benefits to their health and nutrition. This is frequently due to the availability of tempting but less healthful food, which can cause young bunnies to establish unhealthy feeding habits that are difficult to reverse later in life. Because not eating hay is a primary cause of dental problems and gastrointestinal diseases, putting in the effort to get your rabbit to eat more hay has genuine health advantages.

Here are some suggestions to help your rabbit consume more hay:

  1. Minimize the amount of dry feed you give. Some meals are more appealing than hay, but rabbits, like people, require a well-balanced diet. There’s no incentive for your rabbit to consume hay if dry food is always accessible.
  2. Give hay that tastes better. Not all hay is the same; it comes in various flavors and kinds. To find out which sort of hay your rabbit prefers, experiment with several varieties of hay. Make sure the hay is of excellent quality and has been appropriately kept.
  3. Ensure there’s hay near them all the time. Rabbits are more likely to consume hay if it is available when hungry. Place hay in these locations since rabbits prefer to eat while using their litter tray or resting.
  4. Incorporate hay with your rabbits’ favorite food. To make your rabbit burrow through the hay to locate food, add dry food, veggies, fresh grass, or herbs (dry or fresh) in it.

In conclusion, hay is good for your rabbit; however, ensure you buy quality hay.

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