Pets Care Advice Animals Take Care Advice From The Best Horse Health Experts In The UK

Take Care Advice From The Best Horse Health Experts In The UK

Horses are amazing creatures. They are so elegant and strong. Their presence in our lives makes us feel so small and humble. Not just because of their size compared to us, but because of the peace and stability they show.

Horse lovers must meet certain conditions if they want to have one on their property. They need a stable and enough plain area where the animal can exercise. Some of the greatest stables in the UK have enormous fields just for the need of horses.

In addition, read about what they are like and what is needed for proper care!

Avoid Stress

Even though they look strong and untouchable, these are very gentle and easily scared animals. The reason for this is that they live in a herd and know they are always seen as food by carnivore predators.

That’s why they are always cautious and prepared to make a move. In just a second, you can see a strong healthy horse run away to safety for more than 10 meters. Knowing this, you understand that they are not as strong as they seem.

This is a very easily stressed animal. Just like us, humans, stress can cause a serious chain of events in our bodies. Our health is in danger if we’re not relaxed and live under constant anxiety. The same goes for them. If you let outside Influences get to them, they won’t feel happy which means they won’t eat properly and over time they’ll get sicker and feel worse.

Get some quality food

As herbivores, they spend a lot of the day eating grass and other types of plants. Having their size in mind, you understand why most of the day is spent in feeding.

If you’re trying to take care of at least one of them, understand that you’ll need to find some specially made food. This is not like the cat or dog food we see in the big supermarkets. Since they only eat plants, the specialists preparing food make some special and full of nutrition whey.

On the market, you’ll find different kinds of whey. There are cheap ones and those who are more expensive. You know what they say – if you don’t know what’s good, ask what’s expensive. If you care about a friend, always buy some quality food for them.

Let them move

Have you ever seen a horse rest on his back? It’s so rare. All they do is stand on their feet or run. In the wild, all they do is run and eat. Between the exercises, they tend to take short naps so they can rest, but most of the time they’re on the move.

There are two reasons why they do this. First, it’s because they are constantly feeling like prey and if they don’t move at all times, they’ll be an easy target. The second, and more important for today’s horses, is that by doing this they keep their bodies healthy and strong.

The running keeps them in shape, build up muscle, take care of their well-maintained digestive system, and many other things. If you don’t give them enough land to run and feel free they won’t be as healthy as they should be.

What’s more interesting is that if you don’t let them move enough, after some time you’ll be able to see it on their looks and attitude. Just like us, people, who feel nervous when we couldn’t do some of the stuff we love doing.

Visit the vet regularly

From time to time, and not less than annually, it’s good to visit the vet. These professionals will look at it and do some blood tests. Horses just like all other living creators are prone to diseases of many different kinds.

Bacteria, liver problems, heart issues, they can have all sorts of problems that the veterinarian will need to solve if you want to have a healthy animal.

Get them a friend

These are social creatures. They always lived in herds and they are meant to hang out with friends of their species. Keeping one in your stable means that they’ll surely be sad and feel alone often.

If there’s no other option and you can’t afford to keep more than one, try to find someone else who also has the same problem and do something about it. Socializing is very important for them and if you don’t get them involved in some action they might even become depressed, stop eating and eventually die.

Ask the professionals about additional help

All these things are just partially explained. It’s best if you hire professional horse caregivers. However, this professional is very well paid and not everyone can afford something like this. Still, you can get some more advice from the professionals.

Ask them to come over or you transport the horse to their location. Let them take a look and ask the questions you’re not sure how to answer. Feel free to ask how you can do a better job and make sure you learn from the meeting.

In the UK, you’ll find lots of caregivers and advice homes for such problems. One of the best is who can tell you things that you want to know over the internet. They are highly professional and will give you help with everything that you want to know.


Taking care of a horse is not easy. This is a highly demanding job and you should know that you can’t get one and then just leave somewhere on a farm. It takes a lot of care, love, grooming, feeding, and taking special care.

If you want to get one for the first time, consider some of these things we mentioned above and ask yourself if you can take care of it all the time. This is not as simple as keeping a cat at home. It requires more space and more attention. Make sure you’re ready and if you’re not, you better go with a different idea.

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