Pets Care Advice Animals The incredibly special bond between humans and animals

The incredibly special bond between humans and animals

There is an incredibly special and unique bond between humans and animals that, for the most part, is both positive and inspiring. Of course, human history has had dire – and even fatal – consequences for many animal species, but as we currently stand, the impact that we are having on animals big and small is more positive than negative, in most parts of the world. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the impact that our choices and lifestyles have on the world around us, and the other species who inhabit it.

More and more often, we are making conscious decisions to improve the quality of life and to try to restore the natural balance of Earth – a balance that was decidedly tipped when we came into the picture. Our love for the planet is now an ongoing action that will quite literally prove to be the rise or downfall of the world around us. The actions from here on out will speak volumes of the depth of our bond with animals, and with the planet that has given us life. Never has our intentions and actions been more important than they are right now.

A bond that goes beyond a love for creatures big and small

When it comes down to it, it is one thing to say that we love animals, but another entirely to prove this to be the unyielding truth. Animals are the vast expanse of Earth’s evolution, and we are just one species among tens of thousands, in this blimp in time, in Earth’s history. The bond that we share with animals, whether one is aware of it or not, is made even stronger because we share this planet, this small second in time, with them. Our life is their life, our planet is their planet, and their survival should mean just as much – if not more – to us as our own does.

Understanding the lessons that animals teach us

In understanding what animals teach us, we understand why it is that we feel so connected to them, so driven to love and protect them. Consider our relationship with our pets, for example, and in this case dogs. Our dogs wait at home for us all day, impatient and anxious. And yet, the second we walk through the door, the entire day is forgiven. This gift of constant forgiveness form our dogs is something that we should all endeavour to extend to those we love. Just one example of all the gifts animals give us, this in itself speaks momentous volumes of the bond between humans and animals, and why it is so special. We are constantly learning from them, and they from us. We must ensure that, from here forward, all lessons are positive and enlightening.

The evolving power of the bond between us

Whether it is going through companies like iSelect that specialise in pet insurance, or doing our part to save the planet and the animals by going vegetarian and following a no-plastic rule, there are actions that speak volumes of what the bond to animals – both ours and wild – that we share. It is a bond that is becoming increasingly obvious, as well, as more and more individuals the world over take actions to lead more environmentally and morally sustainable lives. Animals and humans have a momentous bond, and we must do everything in our power to secure it as a positive and happy bond from here on out. It is too important; in fact, it might be the most important truth there is.

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