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Bathing a Pet Chook

Ought to I give my chicken a shower, this can be a query that many new chicken homeowners ask once they first carry their new pet chicken house, whether or not it’s a Cockatiel, Budgerigar, Canary, Quaker Parrot, Cockatoo, Parrakeet’s, the truth is any of the chicken species.Properly our Quaker Parrot whom we lovingly named Charlie when my son and his girlfriend bought him about 18 months in the past now, loves a shower. We had been fortunate as once we launched him to a shower he took to it like a fish does to water. He was just a few months previous when he got here into our household, so I presume that helped as all the things was new to him and being younger he was inquisitive.We attempt to tub our pet chicken as soon as every week, climate allowing after all. We had been going to learn how usually and how you can bathe him by looking the web however sooner or later Charlie was attempting to wash in his ingesting water and we did not suppose that was proper, in spite of everything he has to drink that water,. So we rapidly stuffed up an oval platter, from our cabinet with luke heat water to make our personal chicken tub and took him out facet. We put him on his out of doors gymnasium and positioned the platter on the grass. Charlie wasn’t at first, then we put him close to the tub and he simply walked in and beloved it. He stored dunking and dunking and turning round and round and dunking and shaking till he was fairly moist. He then stepped out and climbed again up onto his gymnasium. He appeared like a drowned rat.

We, as at all times stayed exterior with him whereas he was on his gymnasium till he dried, we have now by no means even tried to dry him with a material as a result of when you select the proper day they’ll dry naturally. It does not take lengthy the place we reside. You might inform he felt so significantly better and appeared good and fluffy. I then put a birdbib, which protects our garments from chicken droppings on round my shoulders and Charlie hopped on and we went again inside. Now we solely need to put the tub on the backside of his gymnasium and he climbs down and will get in himself and when he’s completed he climbs again onto his out of doors gymnasium, after all that’s solely when he desires to. Typically once we suppose he wants a shower, Charlie has different concepts. We by no means make him and we at all times select a heat day and early sufficient that he’ll dry in time earlier than having to come back inside.

Charlie additionally likes to get beneath the sprinkler with my son and his girlfriend typically and when it is not fairly heat sufficient or late within the day we give Charlie slightly spray with a clear spray bottle that hasn’t been used for anything.In addition to being wholesome for any chicken to have a shower, they actually get pleasure from it, particularly if left to discover it for themselves, effectively that was the case with Charlie. After all there are birds that simply don’t love to wash, however it is very important bathe them recurrently to make sure you have a wholesome pleased chicken. So, sure is the reply to ought to I give my chicken a shower.

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