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How to ensure your new puppy is safe when travelling

Getting a new puppy can be one of the most exciting events. You have a new best friend who you want to take everywhere. However, travelling with your puppy might feel a little less straightforward. Here’s how you can ensure your new puppy is safe when you travel together.

Head to the vet

Before travelling with your new puppy, take them for a vet checkup. They should be up to date with all their vaccinations and have protection against any slugs, ticks, fleas, or other creatures that could cause an issue for your puppy while you’re away. Your vet may also have valuable advice on how to make travelling that little bit easier.

Buckle up

Are you planning on going on a long car journey? Then have your puppy go out with you on smaller journeys beforehand in order to get them used to the car. This should help to prevent them from becoming too anxious on the long drive. As for the journey itself, your puppy should be crated and strapped securely into your vehicle, with access to water and puppy pads just in case. On longer journeys, you should also plan to stop off and give them a break and a chance to run around.

Creature comforts

When travelling with a puppy, you should consider their comfort in new environments. Make sure they have their familiar items so that they don’t become stressed and anxious – this means providing them with the same food, bedding and toys so that they feel like they are “home”. Anxiety can make your puppy act out of character, and even become lethargic, so giving them familiarity is the best way to go.

Awesome accommodation

If you are travelling for a holiday, it is important to make sure that the accommodation you have chosen allows dogs and can provide suitable conditions for them. For example, a very young puppy might require stair gates to keep them from falling down stairs, and the house should be safe for a mischievous pup. You should also think ahead if you are house training your puppy – they need to be able to get to a secure outside space as a priority.

Prepare for everything

While you hope that travelling with your puppy will be completely hassle-free, and that they will have a great experience, accidents and emergencies do happen. Locating local vets and emergency vets in the area you are travelling to is a good idea and having puppy insurance is essential. This way, if the worst happens, you will be able to get your puppy the help they need quickly and easily.

With all of this in mind, we hope you are ready to hit the road with your furry friend! Taking your puppy with you will only enhance whatever you do, and with a little planning ahead, it doesn’t need to be stressful at all.

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