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The Perfect Satisfaction of cats…And Yourself

The “toilet” issue is one of the most important and discussed among cat lovers. After all, it depends on him whether the living together of a person and his pet will be comfortable. After you choose the most suitable model of the tray , you will need to think about the filler.

Why filler is so important, because some cats do well without it or are content with a torn newspaper?

First, the smell

In cats, especially not castrated, the “aroma” of urine is so strong that it immediately spreads throughout the apartment and hardly disappears. Good filler absorbs unpleasant odors and reliably locks them. In addition – and this is especially important! – Most cats are very clean, and if the tray smells bad, they may refuse to use it, preferring, for example, your bed or a nook behind the chair. To play the game “has time to clean the tray or look for where it smells”, few will like it. At the you will be having the best supports now.

Secondly, the liquid

Paper poorly absorbs moisture, and if you use a newspaper instead of filler, the cat can wet its paws and tail, and then go for a walk around the house, leaving foul-smelling traces. The same applies to an empty tray without filler.

Third, convenience

If the cat remains alone for the whole day, while its masters are at work, the filler will allow it to use the tray several times, which means it will save the need to stumble across the puddles here and there.

When choosing filler for a cat’s toilet, you need to pay attention to its properties:

  • High level of fluid absorption.
  • Ecology, safety for animals and for humans.
  • No dust that can settle on the coat.
  • Lack of strong smell (often you can find flavored fillers, which are rarely liked by cats).
  • Ease of use and disposal.
  • The material does not have to be natural, there are high-quality synthetic fillers. Consider the main varieties, noting their advantages.


Eco-friendly and safe natural material

The only possible threat to the health of a cat – very rarely can come across large chips, which can be injured. They are not difficult to notice and removed in time.


Pressed granules, soaking, increase in volume; a thin layer of granules at the bottom of the tray. Thanks to this one pack of filler is enough for a long time.

Ease of disposal

Wood filler, unlike others, can be washed off into the toilet. (Warning: Do not flush a lot of filler at once, otherwise you can arrange a blockage!)The best choice for a cat litter, if it is designed for a kitten. Babies often gnaw the filler, it is very important that they do not poison themselves and do not hurt themselves. Sawdust in this sense is completely safe.

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