Pets Care Advice Dogs 6 Common Signs That Your Dog Might Be Sick

6 Common Signs That Your Dog Might Be Sick

Dog Might Be Sick

Dog Might Be Sick

If you’ve dealt with a sick pet before, you already know that it’s no fun. When your dog is sick, having to take time off work frantically researching “Veterinarian Near Me” online can be stressful and scary, as well as a huge hassle. However, you can save a bit of time if you already know what to look for and how to treat your dog at home before heading off to the vet. If you think your dog might be sick, look for these warning signs.

1.Bad breath

Dogs don’t have the sweetest breath to begin with, but if you’re concerned that your dog might be ill, pay attention to the way their breath smells. If you’re noticing a sour smell that’s different than the usual unpleasant breath, it might be an indication that your dog is suffering. If this is paired with a lot of drooling on your dog’s part, it could be time to go to the vet.

2. Too Much Peeing

If your dog doesn’t usually have problems holding it in and suddenly feels the urge to go all over the house, it could be a pretty solid indication that something is wrong health-wise. Your dog could be having bladder trouble, or they could simply be trying to tell you that something is wrong. Very often dogs use accidents to communicate with their owners that they’re in pain. If this happens, don’t berate your dog. Take a close look for other symptoms of illness and set up an appointment at the vet if the peeing doesn’t stop in a few days.

3. Lethargy

Dog Might Be Sick

You’ll know when your dog is showing a bit less interest in everyday activities, such as running, going on walks, and playing with toys. If your dog is normally energetic and suddenly he’s lying around and moving slowly, he’s probably coming down with something. Try tempting your dog with a toy or treat to make sure he isn’t just tired.

4. Cloudy Eyes

When your dog is tired, you might see his third eyelid show, creating a translucent cover and giving an overall dazed and exhausted appearance. If you think your dog is sick or over-tired, looking closely into their eyes for signs of cloudiness or redness could give you a sense of how they’re feeling.

5. Unusual Stool

The most obvious indicator of poor health will show up in your dog’s stool. If you’re noticing that stool has become messier than usual or that your dog seems to be unable to control their bowel movements, this could indicate poor health or a developing stomach issue.

6. Oversleeping

Dogs can spend a fair amount of time sleeping, especially if they’re older. Still, if your dog is spending too much time passed out rather than running, jumping, and playing, that lack of energy could be a sign of an oncoming illness. Don’t assume that your dog’s behavior is a natural sign of aging. Make an appointment with a vet as soon as you can to make sure you’re not ignoring your dog’s potential illness or pain.

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