Pets Care Advice Dogs 6 tips for taking care of your dog during the Covid-19 time

6 tips for taking care of your dog during the Covid-19 time

COVID-19 pandemic is alarming worldwide and affecting every aspect of our lives. Most of the countries are facing scary situations and the consequences of the corona outbreak. During this lockdown period and stressful scenario, protecting ourselves and our families are indeed our top priorities. However, it is equally important to be careful about your pets as well. As this virus is new, nothing is clear at the moment and research is going on whether the household pets can get affected by the novel coronavirus. However, pets are emotionally attached to the owners and they can certainly understand and feel your stress. It can impact your furry family members. Here are some tips to take care of four-legged friends during Covid -19 lockdown time.

1.  Prepare properly- It is of utmost importance to stock up on essential things including pet toys, dog food, supplements, medicines, pets toys, etc. Make sure you have adequate dog food and supplies as no one knows the further outbreak situations, shutdowns, and consequences. So it is better to keep supplies for a month or two handy. Prefer buying balanced and healthy dog food supplies like Purina Super coat food to keep your dog healthy during this time.  Check out if you can find dog food online and get it delivered at your home.

2. Engage your furry friend in indoor activities- During the lockdown, you cannot take your dog out for a walk or enjoy outdoor activities. This might affect your dog’s emotions as well as behavior. However, you can plan several indoor activities for your dog that will help keep them engaged, active, happy, and mentally and physically healthy.

3. Stress feeding- During the lockdown, many people might start stress-eating. Many pet owners keep feeding their pets as well. This can lead to health problems. So follow the usual feeding routine.

4. Set a routineA set schedule will make your pet comfortable. Certainly, the pandemic has affected our routines; however, setting up a schedule will help give your dog a structured life. Try to feed, walk or have indoor sessions with your dog on specific timelines.

5. Isolate yourself from pets – If you or any family member shows symptoms of illness or tests positive then isolate yourself from the dog.

6. It is better to limit the direct physical contact like kissing or snuggling with your pets during this time. Always wash your hands before and after you touch or feed your dog. Wear a face mask while dealing with your dog.

7. Keep an eye on your dog- If your pet becomes sick or experiences any emergency, inform your vet immediately.

8. Plan – Make sure that a healthy family member takes care of your pet. Also, keep the plan ready and instruct someone to take care of your pet in case of any worst-case scenario. Tag the dog with all the essential information. Keep their medical records and special instructions handy so that anyone can find specific and detailed directions about your pet.

Stay calm and deal with the situation. Spend quality time with your furry companion while taking all precautionary measures mentioned above.

Stay home and stay safe with your pet!

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