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Bringing a Rescue Dog Home to Your Family

Rescue dogs can be beautiful additions to any family but it is important to remember that they may be harder work than you anticipate, and they may take longer to “warm” up to you. They have probably been through a lot, and so it is important that your expectations are realistic. Rest assured though that they are worth the work and hard effort. Here is some advice on how to introduce a rescue dog to the family.

Successfully Introducing a Dog

Quite a lot of dogs from rescue facilities or pounds have never lived in a home, or with a family, so the journey for both you and them could be one full of uphill struggles. Dogs need patience when they come into your home. It can be very difficult for rescue dogs as they are learning how to fit into your family, and your home; and, they are probably overcoming abuse or trauma at the same time, too. To introduce a dog successfully you have to remember not to be too full on. Small children can become very overwhelmed and fascinated with dogs, and as such they may want to be constantly touching them and playing fetch with them. Most rescue dogs are not used to living in a home, let alone playing fetch or catch with a small child, so it is important that you supervise your new addition at all times, and never leave them unattended as it only takes a split second for an accident to happen.

Registering Your Dog at the Vets                                                              

Your dog will need registering at the vets as soon as possible. When looking for a vets look for one that is affordable, such as, who offer low-cost treatment alongside high-quality care. It is essential that you get your new addition registered at the vets in case of any emergencies that may occur, and also to ensure that your dog carries on receiving boosters, annual vaccinations, and general health check-ups. Annual health checks are essential so the vet can see and rectify any problems before they become major issues.

Time and Space

Your new rescue dog will need both time and space. Don’t expect them to want love, affection, and cuddles straight away. Instead, give them time to decompress and settle into their new surroundings. Try and give your dog a quiet bedding area or a place to escape to, which they can use readily they become overwhelmed. Most importantly, give your dog as much space as they need, when they need it.

Busy family homes can be overwhelming for a new dog; there are so many sights and sounds to take in that it can make even the bravest dog shy away, so try to be considerate and see the world through their eyes. They might not want toys yet, they might not even know what a toy is. For the first few weeks of having a new dog in your life you have to focus on giving them routine. Feed them regularly and toilet them regularly and this way, you will start to build up their trust and affection.

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