Pets Care Advice Dogs Does buying electronic dog toys make you a bad or good dog parent?

Does buying electronic dog toys make you a bad or good dog parent?

There are so many new dog toys on the market these days. While dog toys have traditionally included simple toys like tennis balls or squeaky toys, there are now a lot of fancy smart dog toys available. These new dog toys cost a lot more than the simple old fashion types.

Many of these new toys are designed for your dog to be able to play with them without you there. Does buying autonomous pet toys that do the playing for you a bad pet owner? No, and here’s why.

Most interactive dog toys are not meant to be a replacement for your loving attention when you are home with your dog. Instead, they can provide supplemental interaction when you are not able to give your dog the attention it needs.

  • Provide mental stimulation. Research has shown that stimulation provides a brain boost in humans. Why should it be different for other mammals like your dog? Providing interactive toys probably helps your puppy get smarter.
  • Help with separation anxiety. Many dogs become distraught when they are left at home alone all day. They may become depressed. Interactive toys react to your dog, so they feel less alone.
  • Distract your dog from bad behavior. Playing with toys when you are not home keeps your dog from getting bored. That helps keep your puppy from becoming destructive and ruining things in your house.

According to the pet technology experts, the best interactive dog toys are ones that talk, dispense treats or contain a puzzle element that will stimulate your dog’s mind. Some have cameras on them so you can check in with Fido while you are at work. Most smart dog toys can be controlled with your mobile phone.

So, rest assured. Buying an electronic dog toy doesn’t make you a bad pet owner. It makes you a caring pet parent who wants to provide the best environment possible.


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