Pets Care Advice Dogs Dog bites-Causes and Warnings-Help for Owners of Older Dogs

Dog bites-Causes and Warnings-Help for Owners of Older Dogs


Naturally, men have deep and soft corner for their pet animals. Dogs win the trust and reliability of their master for their constant loyalty and faithful attitude. They protect home and can sacrifice their life for their owner. How can anyone ignore such kind of loyal friend? But problem arises when they tend to be more aggressive than normal behavior.

From a recent study we have collected information and that is about four and a half million individual are victim of dog bites in USA. Among them 1/5 people have to take medical treatments to heal their deep wounds. Now the question is why dog bites? What could be the reasons behind it? In this article, we are going to answer about Dog bites-Causes and Warnings-Help for Owners of Older Dogs. Check best wireless dog fence review here.

Why dog bites?

Dog biting often makes anyone feel intimidated with fear. There are some proven reasons for which they attitude like this.  Perhaps you have no idea about it. Below we have compiled some possible reasons about it.

  • Possessiveness and protective nature:

Dogs often become obsessive for certain properties such as their toys, territorial area, foods or any other thing that they love.

If he notices that someone is trying to snatch his favorite things, a tendency of biting can be seen in them.

Sometimes, he approaches attacking mood when any stranger comes your home. He assumes that person as nasty people who can cause harm to his toys or beds.

Even if he discovers someone gets close to his master, possessiveness can grow in him and he can bite that person with excessive aggression. If you are in problem with excessive barking and looking for solution, check best anti bark device review here.

  • Fears can result in biting:

Often fear about anything creates a negative impact on the sensitive mind of your dog.

If someone startles him suddenly during sleep, he may get frightened. As for excitement he might bite you.

When he feels necessity to defend himself out of fear, such kind of occurrence is common to happen. Never irritate him that develops a fear in his mind.

  • Physical illness:

May be your pet dog is struggling with hidden physical issues. Somehow it goes out of your sight in any way.

When your calm and less aggressive dog suddenly growls or bites without any solid reason, it’s really a matter of deep concern with no doubt.

Health disease such as rabies, brain tumor or any hidden wound might disturb your pups severely. Determine the key problems consulting with your veterinarian.

Apart from these factors, there might have other reasons for pet biting issues. But aforementioned points are very common and potential behind this problem.

Warning of a dog biting:

How is it if you can identify the signs when the puppy is on biting mood? As for caring concern, you might avoid that stressful situation getting pre-alert. Let’s know about the possible symptoms of pet biting.

  1. Dog growls or shows his teeth:

When your dog severely feels threated by any triggers, he often expresses it by snapping, growling or showing teeth.

That means they are definitely unhappy with any issue. Try to figure them out and remove them quickly.

  1. Ignoring eye contact with you:

This is one of the most important sign you can’t overlook. When they feel unease or anxious, they behave like this.

This doesn’t mean that he is going to bite you. But it’s a clear sign about his discomfort mind. This may escalate the tendency of biting.

  1. Stiff posture:

A happy dog is always very relaxed in body and mind. Is your dog raising his tail?

Or perking the ears?

Looking like frozen on posture? Then he is definitely on the verge of biting mood.

Dogs are not capable of saying English like us. They just can show some symbols to vent his anger. Just try to understand his way of communication with you.

  1. Displaying white part of eyes:

This is another potential warning sign by which a dog makes clear hints of being aggressive.

Sounds interesting?

Normally, a dog never displays the white side of their eye. He only shows it when he feels severely threatened.

This is how, he means to make you realize no matter what it is, and he will fix his eyes on the target.

Are you still confused?

Let me make it more clearly to you. Showing whitening part means, he might shake his head but not his gaze from targeted substance.

Help for owners of older dogs

So, you own an older dog now?

Your small puppy slowly reaches on a specific edge of his lifetime. A senior dog face a lot of health problem in this transition period and most often you fail to notice his hidden sign.

Again, we want to extend our warm and friendly hand to you to understand his language well.

  • Vision loss:

When you lose a part of your eye sight, putting glasses around your eyes clearly hints about it. But same can’t happen with your older dogs.

Are you smiling?

This is the truth I am saying.

When he fails to figure out his foods, toys water pots or any other necessary things, be sure he lost his vision.

But his smell sensation is not getting weaker for his age. You can use different scents on different rooms so that he can identify in which room his belongings are present.

  • Joint problems:

Aging dogs suffer from arthritis pains most often.

Help him to exercise lightly. Contact with your veterinarian also for this problem.

  • Obesity:

Most adult dogs are seen to have sudden obesity. The main reason is slower metabolism process. Calories don’t seem to get burnt for aging dogs. Treat him with nutritious foods and take him with you for regular walks.

Conclusion: Finally, we want to make a thing clear to you. That is a dog is your responsibility when you decide it to bring in home. He can be aggressive at once but never get irritated and sort out the issues technically.


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