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Dog Travelling Checklist

After the last two years, we all need a break, and many people are embarking on well-deserved holidays. But what happens to our beloved dogs? We have all become a lot closer with our pets during the lockdowns, and for many of us, the thought of leaving our perfect pooches behind is unbearable.

The simple solution is to take your dog with you! This, however, brings with it a whole host of challenges. Thankfully these hurdles can be overcome with plenty of planning and preparation. We’ve compiled a list of important things to make sure you get sorted before you travel with your canine companions.


If you are going abroad, one of the most important things to organise before you travel with your dog is making sure you have the right documents that will allow you and your dog to cross borders and enter into another country.

Just like humans need official documents to travel, dogs also need the right paperwork. While previously, dogs had their own pet passports, these are no longer valid, and instead, an animal health certificate is needed every time you travel. These are given out by a vet after a health check and must be awarded no more than ten days before travel.

Dogs also need to have the right vaccinations for travel, the most important of these is the rabies vaccination. It is always a good idea to get your dog vaccinated against rabies, but it is especially important when they are travelling abroad. Do be aware that after the rabies vaccination, dogs can’t travel for 21 days, so it’s best to be prepared.

For more information on getting the right vaccinations when travelling abroad, check out the Animal Welfare Foundations online leaflet.

Check-in with your accommodation

While this may seem like an obvious point, it is always worth checking with your accommodation about their dog policy. Whether it’s a glamorous hotel, a sunny villa, or a quaint countryside cottage, always double-check that they have the relevant dog amenities, and are aware you will be bringing your pet with you.

Things like an emergency vet number, an enclosed garden and even a place for your dog to sleep are all things that we take for granted at home, but it’s important to make sure similar things are available when you go on holiday.

Home comforts

Travelling can be a stressful experience for humans, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming for our perfect pooches. While doing your last-minute packing, remember to pack some doggy home comforts.

Does your dog have a favourite blanket they always curl up on? Or perhaps a chew toy they love? Make sure to leave room in your suitcase for one or two of your dog’s favourite things so that they have something that smells like home to comfort them when they arrive at your holiday destination.

Have fun!

The most important thing to remember while on holiday with your furry travel companion is to have fun! Holidays are all about relaxing and unwinding so make sure you make time to do some things you and your dog can enjoy.

Here are some suggestions for dog-friendly holiday activities:

  • A long walk on a beach
    • Visiting a dogfriendly café/pub
    • Going on a hike
    • Visiting a local dog park to meet new dogs

While having fun on holiday, it’s important to make sure your dog has the right protection in place, just in case an accident or illness does happen. The best way to do this is to insure your dog, making sure you have the right financial help, and peace of mind while on holiday.
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