Pets Care Advice Dogs How Can You Cure Flea And Tick In Your Pets?

How Can You Cure Flea And Tick In Your Pets?

Fun Flea Facts:

Before we declare war on the flea, let’s become acquainted with our enemy a bit better with the following fun facts.

Did You Know That…

  • There are over two thousand recognized species of flea.
  • The most frequent insect is the cat flea or the Ctenocephalides felis which can be found in US and Canada.
  • One female flea can give about two thousand eggs over the course of her two to three-month existence.
  • Egg, Larvae, Pupae, and Adult are the 4 phases of its life cycle.
  • The flea can jump one-hundred and ten times its own length. It is similar to the average individual having the capability of jumping over a thirty-story structure!
  • A female flea requires a blood meal to produce eggs, and she can eat up to fifteen times her own body weight on an everyday basis.
  • When the flea bounds it’ll speed up twenty times faster than a space shuttle.
  • Region Affected By Them:
  • You can find fleas all over Europe and US.
  • They like humid, warm conditions, so the infestations will usually be worst in early fall and mid-late summer.
  • In a few parts of US, they can be a major issue year round.

Other Issues:

Once fleas have gained access to the house, they can live contentedly well into the winter season if they were capable of establishing themselves before it got freezing. It could connote problem for more than just the dogs; they can also be a factor in transmitting cat scratch fever and tapeworms to humans.

How Does The Seresto Flea And Tick Collar Work?

The joint venture of the two active elements forms a synergistic action stored inside the innovative flea collar’s polymer matrix. The mid layer of the lapel holds the highest concentration of these two elements. As the molecules budge towards the surface of the flea lapel, their concentration heights lower to form a micro level. The elements then release onto the pet after their skin/hair contacts the micro level, spreading the conduct over the pet’s whole body.

The medication requires a little time to build up, so the pet will begin getting protection from ticks and fleas within forty-eight hours. However, a few individuals have found that it takes a little more time. Just for the safe side, I’d suggest putting the lapel on a week or so before tick season begins or before you’d like the pet to be protected.

Sure, as with any substance, the effects will finally wear off. The other flea avoidance options need you to re-apply the medicine. That’s why the Seresto tick and flea collar gradually releases the substance properties to supply the pet with sustained protection against such biting insects for up to eight months. It is also waterproof, so it’ll carry on working even when the pet goes out in the rain or for swimming. This safe and highly innovative flea and tick collar have been taking the flea cure market by storm. It is presently leading the pack for effective, safe tick and flea protection.



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