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How to care for a pregnant bitch

The pregnancy of our dog is a reason for joy for the whole family, and it is precisely during this stage that our pet needs more of our attention and care. There are several aspects to take into account once you have discovered that your dog is pregnant, so we explain which are the most important for you to discover how to take care of Pregnant Dog during these important weeks.

Steps to follow:

One of the most important aspects that we must take care of our bitch during pregnancy is her feeding. Our pet must receive nutrients to cover all their nutritional needs and the puppies that grow inside.

Many owners think that during pregnancy the pet is in a delicate state of health that prevents major efforts, but the reality is that it is very important that the dog remains exercised during this stage. If you usually go for a walk or play with it you can maintain this habit, decreasing the intensity as the pregnancy progresses. If you do not do it, it is good that they start to get out a little each day; exercise will help her to stay in shape during pregnancy.

Especially if you pretend that your dog has the puppies at home, it is very important that during your pregnancy you give him much love and avoid as much as possible scolding or attracting his attention, much less in a violent way. In this way the animal will remember that you are its protector and at the time of giving birth it will allow you to help it with the young.

It is essential that during this stage you visit the veterinarian for a complete review. It is also necessary to decide if you will allow the dog to have the puppies in your house or if you will take her to the specialist. Follow the doctor’s recommendations and in any situation do not hesitate to consult it.


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