Pets Care Advice Dogs Is your dog recovering from surgery? CBD for dogs could be a valuable option during recovery.

Is your dog recovering from surgery? CBD for dogs could be a valuable option during recovery.

Whether your dog recently went through a routine procedure like a spay/neuter surgery or a more serious one like a life-saving operation, surgery can be scary for pets and their owners. After your dog is back home and in your care, it’s up to you to provide a safe and comfortable environment for them to recover. This includes things like keeping bandages clean, dry and changed as well as monitoring the wound for signs of infection. Your vet should have given you all of that information when your pet was discharged, so make sure you read up on post-op care instructions once you get home. In addition to the basics, here are a few extra tips for caring for your dog after surgery:

  • Have the number for your vet and local emergency clinic handy. Save these important numbers in your cell phone and make yourself aware of the hours for each so you know who to call in case of an emergency at any hour. The vet who performed the surgery is likely willing to answer any questions that may come up during the healing process, including whether there are any supplements to aid in recovery.
  • Use CBD to manage pain and promote recovery. Speaking of supplements, CBD lowers pain and reduces inflammation, both of which can help make your dog more comfortable during recovery. It can also reduce nausea, vomiting and muscle spasms all of which could be possible side effects of the surgery. If you want to learn more about CBD and how it can help your pup recover from surgery, check out the CBD products and informative guides from CannaBiDog.
  • Isolate your dog from other pets or kids. Not only will your dog be groggy and just want some rest, it’s important to keep them from jumping or running too much following surgery. Keeping them confined to one room will help prevent over stimulus. It will also help you keep them away from anything in the rest of the house that could be a hazard. Just make sure to spend some quality time with them!
  • Take them outside more frequently. All the fluids your dog received during surgery may cause them to need to use the bathroom more frequently. Just to be safe, take them outside for short periods of time more often than usual. If they do have an accident inside, it may just mean they’re still a little disoriented.

Time is the only thing that will truly heal your pet, but since pets are part of the family too, we know you want to make them feel as loved as possible. Managing their environment and pain levels are key to a happy and speedy recovery. Your dog will be back to their usual self in no time!

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