As is well known, pets require a lot of attention and time that is why before buying a puppy on Nigeria dog market you should think very well on these basic considerations:

  • Choose very well the breed that suits your tastes and needs
    • That puppy will live for many years
    • It is very likely to damage the real estate of your home, both indoors and outdoors, simply because that is a puppy and likes to explore the world biting
    • Take into account that you must allocate an important part of your budget for the treatments of the new puppy, such as: daily food, vaccines, accessories, home, rug, toys, preventive visits to the veterinarian and eventual expenses for diseases that will come to suffer
    • To have time to give it to the new member of the family
    • To master it in a suitable way so that it is a balanced dog in all the senses
    • Read a lot about the specific care that each race has, which includes hair care, cleaning teeth and ears, cutting nails
    • Look for more considerations that are useful and that we have not put here for reasons of space and time


Once you have decided to acquire a puppy and you already know which breed you are interested in, we make the following general recommendations:

Look for a serious breeder preferably with good references, or at least with no negative antecedents.
• Chat with the breeder before purchasing the puppy, about the pros and cons of the breed you have already chosen. A Serious breeder will always speak honestly.
• Ask about the care you should have when you take it home for the first time and compare it with what you had previously read, if you have any questions, discuss it with the breeder
• When you buy a puppy check very well that there is no runny nose or lag, on the contrary, check that it already have teeth and that the bite is scissors; in the case of the males, that the two testes sit in the scrotum; Do not be embarrassed to check the puppy, remember that it will be part of your life for many years.
• Before paying for the puppy, talk with the breeder about the possible eventualities that arise before the first week after it is taken home. This is because after that time, if signs of illness appear, they may be acquired outside the home.
• Take with your doctor Veterinarian of trust to the new puppy to be reviewed and valued medically, it is suggested to do it to the two days at the most, after having acquired it
• They should preferably sign a Purchase Agreement between the breeder who sells it and you as the buyer, where relevant points are stipulated, such as:

  1. Whether or not there is a life and / or health guarantee, and in case of how long and in what conditions it would be.
  2. To know if the parents are free or not of hereditary diseases (like Hip dysplasia, for example).
  3. If a pet dog is offered or apt to compete in exhibitions canines (eye, is not the same as they say that it is exhibition quality, to ensure they will win at dog shows)
  4. Establish the mechanisms of payment and settlement, among other things. These are just some examples of what that Purchase Agreement could stipulate, so we recommend you take all the necessary steps when purchasing your puppy.
    It is very important to demand the registration document of the puppy, which can be Pedigree, Certificate of Racial Purity (CPR), Initial Registration Certificate (CRI) or Genealogical Certificate (CG). For this case, you must check that the puppy has tattooed in the groin the registration number, same that must coincide with the one that appears in the upper right corner of each document and, if possible, check (with a scanner) that it has the corresponding microchip.

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