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The Right Age To Train Your Dog

Bringing a new animal into the family is always exciting, and the experience becomes even more exciting when it’s dogs. You can’t help but snuggle with them all day long. Once you and your puppy get comfortable with each other, it’s time to train them. One of the major mistakes many dog owners make is ignoring this important step. Here are some key points you shouldn’t forget while bringing a furry friend to your home.

§  7 to 8 weeks old

At this age, your dog has an attention span; even though puppies have extremely good socialization skills, that’s why you will be able to blend in easily with them. Simple commands like sit and stay can be easily learned at this age. For this, the best time is seven to eight weeks. There are many methods of training dogs, but the most effective and highly recommended method is positive reinforcement. Your pup is growing, so it’s a good time to allow them to socialize with other dogs. They can make new friends and explore the world. One of the best ways to get your puppy to mingle with other puppies is by sending your puppy to a puppy daycare in San Francisco. SF is known for its dog experts and nothing can beat their parenting of your dog. You will be glad you sent your puppy to a daycare because the rewards are priceless.

§  7 to 12 weeks old

Many pet owners adopt their first dog and enroll in a dog training class. These classes are really good, especially if you are a beginner and want to train your dog without putting him through excruciating pain. The trainer demonstrates techniques and shares valuable tips that can make the training process much easier for you. In some cases, your dog may need individual sessions with the trainer. The trainer being a professional, can easily pinpoint things and behaviors that can be extremely troublesome for your dog specifically. It’s also a great place for socializing.

In the past, trainers suggested letting your dog be at least seven months old. After that, you can enroll them in these sessions. But, this can miss an important point which is socialization. Four to six months of the dog are really important. Most of the behavior and phobias are built during this time period. With early detection, you can stop the problem in its initial stages. Still, it’s best to get expert advice and have a proper consultation with a veterinarian. If your puppy is healthy and vaccinated, it may give the green light to join these sessions. While choosing these sessions, ensure that all the dogs in the training center are vaccinated. It will save your dog from getting any diseases from other dogs while socializing.

Training for Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs need more care and love than other puppies. But don’t let this stop you from adopting a rescue dog and giving them a better life. Instead, talk with a veterinarian and tell all your concerns. Find the right way through which you can help them and let them socialize. Many dog centers curate custom plans based on traumas, experiences, and breeds of dogs. These are effective because you can understand your dog’s mood and behavior patterns. Also, your furry friend will start communicating effectively despite being a rescue dog.

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