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Blue Crayfish Tank Mates

When you personal a blue crayfish, you might have discovered the onerous method that not simply any ol’ fish will work in a fish tank with a crayfish. Discovering blue crayfish tank mates is just not that tough to do, however you must know what forms of “friends” your blue good friend will like.Backside Feeders and Sluggish FishBottom feeders and sluggish fish don’t make good blue crayfish tank mates. As you most likely know, crayfish love fish of every type. This implies dwell fish and lifeless fish alike. So in the event you put sluggish shifting fish within the tank, or fish that feed on the underside of the tank, the possibilities of these fish getting eaten are fairly friggin’ good.

Tank Mates that Will WorkAs it seems, there are fish that may be put in a fish tank with blue crayfish and survive. Properly fish that may at the least have a significantly better probability of surviving. All these fish are in fact the precise reverse of the fish talked about above.Fish that may work in a fish tank with blue crayfish are fish that may swim quick and/or swim in the direction of the highest of the tank. For instance, I’ve a purple tail shark in my ten gallon tank. He is a quick swimmer and does fairly effectively with the crayfish.I even have a hatchet fish. Hatchet fish work nice in a tank with crayfish as a result of they swim on the high of the aquarium. This in fact makes them nice blue crayfish tank mates. Two different forms of fish chances are you’ll need to take into account are rosy purple minnows and rainbow darters; amongst a number of others.Simply do your analysis like you might be doing now. There are many fairly fish that may coexist with blue crayfish. Nonetheless, simply anticipate it, someday you’ll get up or come residence from work and one among your favourite little fishies shall be lacking… And you’ll know precisely who responsible. – The little blue critter.Different Crayfish

Different crayfish could make good blue crayfish tank mates. Nonetheless, you simply have to ensure they’re the identical species.Crayfish could be territorial. So it is an excellent thought to have a “hideout” or decoration in your tank for every crayfish. This may be one thing so simple as a bit of PVC pipe or a retailer purchased decoration.Personally, synthetic “hideouts” that appear like logs work nice. They offer crayfish a spot to burrow. – And burrowing and hiding out shall be particularly essential when crayfish moult.When crayfish moult, they’ll grow to be delicate. – And sadly when this occurs, they’ll grow to be the goal of different crayfish within the tank.

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