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Freshwater Crayfish Care

I grew up enjoying with crayfish. I discovered them within the yard burrowed into the bottom. As we speak although I’ve taken it a step additional. I’ve a pet crayfish at dwelling. He is a blue crayfish and fairly superior.In case you are getting began with a crayfish, a very powerful factor so that you can know is understanding slightly about freshwater crayfish care.Earlier than You do Something!In case you are like I used to be after I first noticed a blue crayfish, I needed to purchase my tank, run dwelling, throw some water in and put that crayfish in. Unsuitable. It does not work that method.It’s important to take a few week to “cycle” your water or you’ll kill your crayfish. – And that might solely make your youngsters cry.

It really works like this. You add water to your tank and put in water conditioner that eliminates the chlorine. Subsequent you add micro organism and one thing natural like a shrimp or fish meals.You retain including fish meals (only a pinch) and micro organism (you should purchase it) on daily basis for about seven days. Then add about two fish, in the event that they reside, then you’ll be able to add your crayfish. I do know, it might sound merciless, however you’ll discover out someway in case your tank is prepared.Having the water in your tank cycled is important for freshwater crayfish care.A Lil’ Hiding PlaceAs you’re organising your tank, you wish to be sure you put some kind of “ornament” into your tank. This generally is a rock or some sort of lil sculpture you purchase on the pet retailer. I’ve an Easter Island determine in mine.Crayfish wish to hideout. So give them a spot to cover out.Extra on the WaterDepending on the variety of fish you will have will rely on how typically you modify your water. If in case you have roughly two or so fish alongside together with your crayfish, it would be best to change about 25% of the water each 4 weeks. If in case you have any extra fish, make it two weeks. And keep in mind to all the time situation the brand new water when including it to the tank… You don’t need the children to cry do you?

Additionally, so far as water temperature goes, maintain it at round 73 to 75 levels. That is good!Feeding CrayfishWell yeah, you must crayfish. You’ll want to feed your crayfish on daily basis. Purchase some sinking wafers on-line or on the native pet retailer and simply drop one in on daily basis. Crayfish may even eat flake meals, freeze dried fish, bloodworms and properly, your different fish (useless ones too.) So remember to maintain that it thoughts. You can very properly come dwelling sooner or later and discover one in every of your favourite fish gone.

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