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Caring for a Horse: Feeding and Cleaning

The horse is an animal that requires a lot of attention, dedication and regular care, not only to keep in shape, but also to stay as healthy as possible. Find out what care to take with a horse so that it has a long, active and happy life.

To properly care for a horse, it is necessary to perform a series of cleaning and maintenance tasks that will ensure the maximum comfort and well-being of the animal. The knight needs to learn how to feed, shelter, clean and treat his thoroughbreds so he will always feel protected at home. Therefore, the following aspects must be taken into account. To order quality feeding and cleaning horse accessories follow

Feeding the horse

All horses need adequate and varied food according to their race, age and activity. If the animal is not well fed, it can suffer from anemia and become obese. To avoid this, the horse must follow a simple and balanced diet. Hay, grain mix, salts, minerals and clean oats are great ingredients for feeding a horse and can reduce the onset of colic. It is also advisable that there is a good size field for the horses to move and graze at will. Keep in mind that horses should always have fresh, clean water available to cool off and the stables should have no smells or flies.

The cleaning of the horse

Cleaning the horse is one of the primary care a rider must take with his animal. It should be done before and after riding in a well-lit place. In doing so, the animal will feel more cherished and protected and this will deepen the relationship of trust between the rider and the horse. It is also noteworthy that a daily cleaning is a good way to check the condition of the hair and hooves of your horse.

The brushing of horse hair

In order for the horse to always have a shiny coat, it is advisable to have it brushed before and after each ride. In doing so, you will be cleaning the dirt of the animal (mud and sweat), massaging body, releasing the tension in muscles and activating blood circulation.

Use a brush with hard hair to brush the hair, horsehair and tail of a horse, but never stand behind the animal, as it can frighten and kick. Rubber brushes are also an excellent choice for brushing the horse, since metal brushes can hurt the animal and plastic ones can develop nozzles due to friction.

While brushing the horse, look for injuries, bumps, cuts or any anomalies that may be bothering him. Keep in mind that the belly zone is one of the most sensitive and as such, the rider must be very careful during brushing.

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