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Horse Rescue United – Saving the Horses

One by no means is aware of when paths cross if it is for a motive, if by probability, or maybe future. Once I acquired a letter by way of e-mail from Horse Rescue United, which said their mission, their dedication to saving as many horses as they’ll – it touched my coronary heart and I needed to know extra, so I contacted them and had many questions…Inform me about Horse Rescue United. What’s your mission?Spokesperson and Vice President Diane Tuorto defined, “Horse Rescue United, Inc. (HRU) saves horses from abandonment, abuse, neglect, and slaughter. We specialize in retraining and rehoming Standardbred horses. Whenever possible, HRU purchases slaughter-bound horses from auction and finds them homes, and also helps owner-surrenders find placement before they end up in the wrong hands.”How did HRU get began? How did all of it start?”I got involved by becoming aware of slaughter of American horses on Facebook,” Anouk, the founder says. “In March 2010, there were two old Standardbred geldings from the Amish at auction. So I stepped in and asked if friends could help fund them. We got the money and another rescue stepped in to home them for me after I had purchased them. That’s what jumpstarted me into starting a real rescue.”

Are you breed particular? Standardbreds solely?”We specialize in Standardbreds but save horses of all breeds,” says Diana Tuorto. “We’ve assisted Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and also Belgians.”What’s concerned in rescuing a horse? How do you go about saving the animal?”We deal a lot with owner-surrenders. Some are ex-racehorses who just need new homes and second careers,” Tuorto says. “Others might be starving or neglected and need our assistance. Our goal is to get them out of danger and rehabbed and retrained if needed. If we go to an auction to rescue a horse, we concentrate on the ones who are in danger of selling cheap to kill buyers. We saved four horses at New Holland auction for just over $500 in early 2011.”What’s the horse’s common situation underneath rescue circumstances?”It varies. We’ve saved many neglected, skinny horses, both surrendered by owners and from auction, but many of the owner-surrenders who are ex-racehorses come to us in perfect condition. Many are surrendered by trainers and owners who want their horses protected for life by our contract and don’t want them to end up in the wrong hands. Other horses have scars from abuse or neglect. It really varies.”Inform me about a few of the horses. What are they like? What’s their story?”Tristan was saved from shipping to slaughter from the New Holland auction on January 3, 2011. He was found with cancer in his right eye and brought to New Bolton clinic. Sadly, Tristan’s cancer has already spread to his bones. To keep him more comfortable, his cancerous eye was removed in October 2011. While there’s no way of knowing how long Tristan has left, we hope he’ll be able to live happy and comfortably for some time to come.”

“Jessica was likely a former Amish buggy horse who was saved from slaughter via New Holland auction. We were able to save her for just $75. She was thin and terrified of people. She has come a long way in two years and still needs a home.”Trolley is a Quarter Horse mare who was discovered at public sale with a horrendous gap in her head. It is believed she both ran right into a pole or somebody stabbed her. Two surgical procedures later, the harm is therapeutic and he or she is pleased and wholesome in an adoptive dwelling with one among our volunteers. Since 2010, we have assisted over 50 horses.”If you could appeal to the reader personally, right now, in this article, what would you say?Tuorto didn’t even hesitate. She knows the answer; they live it every day at HRU. “I might inform them that adopting a horse saves two lives; the horse they take dwelling and the horse we will save of their place. I might ask them, please… assist us save the horses.”

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