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5 Amazing Reasons Why A Cat Is the Best Pet You Should Have At Home 

They say a dog is a man’s best friend – what about cats, are they not good pets? When choosing a pet to have at home, you have to consider many factors. Those who go for cats are looking for a cute, clean, and furry friend. Cats can be timid and a bit mischievous at times, and getting to know them takes you time.

You can buy a heavy-duty cat tree if you want your cat to enjoy staying indoors. There are many reasons why you should consider a cat as your pet. In this article, we mention some of those reasons.

1. Helps you develop immunity to allergens

You can bid goodbye to allergens by keeping a cat at home. Some studies have shown that exposing kids to pets at a younger age can help them develop natural immunity to allergens like dust, grass, and ragweed.

When you are vulnerable to allergens, you are likely to have a running nose or itchy eyes. Having a cat around helps you develop immunity to allergens in the air.

2. Bug-proof your home

A cat is a cunning and timid creature, and cockroaches know it better. If you have a cat at home, you can forget about rats and mice.

There is that wild part of a cat that keeps it hunting for bugs in your house. That said, if you keep a cat at home, you have a natural predator to bugs. This saves you money on pest prevention.

3. Improves your intellect

Cats can make you shaper – wait, how is that possible? Well, according to the study by Carol University in Wisconsin, those who keep cats as pets score a higher intelligence quotient (IQ) than those keeping dogs. So, if you want to be smart in books, you should not mind having a cat as your friend.

4. Cats are sensitive

Have you heard that cats have nine hearts? That popular saying simply means that cats can endure for long. What you don’t know about cats is that their sense of smell and sound is at the peak when they are asleep.

Wait, seriously? That’s true. Cats sleep a lot on the couch or some time on your bed, but they always have an ear out. They can sense if a stranger is in the house. Cats can wake up from sleep and pounce on their prey on the spot.

5. Cats are always clean

Unlike dogs, cats spend most of their time grooming themselves. Therefore, you won’t spend a lot of time cleaning them. They also smell much better compared to dogs. Because they spend most of the time indoors and rarely go outside to pick a skunk with strangers, they are always hygienic. When you pet a cat, you are confident of having a cleaner feline friend to keep you company.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to keep a pet, a cat should be on top of your priority list. These ‘cunning’ creatures have a lot to offer you than just company. They are always clean, quiet, and require little attention. They are the best pets to keep if you are always busy at work because they are low-maintenance.

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