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6 of the best dog breeds for young kids

Your kids will require a devoted and patient dog breed that will act affectionately towards them. As a matter of fact, dogs can actually teach your kids the art of responsibility, cooperation, and compassion. Dogs designated for kids must be sociable because they have to be the kids’ best playmates.

Aside from the behavioral angle or factor for choosing the best dogs for kids, the health implication of having a dog around your kids always must also be considered. To prevent allergic reactions in kids, dogs that don’t shed too much hair at a time should be considered. Such dogs must be easily groomed with the aid of Dog clippers and by regular brushing and washing. The following are some of the best dog breeds for young kids;

The Labrador Retriever

There is a reason why the Labrador Retriever has remained the number one kids-friendly dog breeds for the past few decades. Labradors love every other dog and human in general, but many people do under-estimate their energy levels. They can grow up to 80 pounds in weight and they will require some moderate to high-intensity exercises almost on a daily basis. The golden retrievers are quick learners but will require lots of physical activities.

The Labrador retriever is quite similar to the golden retriever in nature. Running, fetching, swimming and brisk walking are their favorite activities. They can be silly sometimes, but they always stay loyal to both the kids and adults alike.

The Beagle

This is one of the smallest hounds you can find around and it is known for its goofy personality plus a gentle demeanor. The Beagle remains an amazing choice for families with lots of kids because they are breeds that are popular for being tolerant and they easily adjust to different conditions.

The Beagle thrives on family companionship, hence you must not leave them alone for too long. They may require little to moderate grooming with Dog Clippers, especially when they stay too long outdoors every day. The Beagle is quite similar in behavior to the Basset hound, except that the Basset hound is quite lazy and gentle even though it bonds quickly to kids and enjoy spending time with them.  The Basset hound is also sociable when it meets strangers and it is quite tolerant of toddlers.

The Bulldog

The bulldog is generally known for its laid-back lifestyle, which makes it suitable for homes and toddlers. The dog is often loyal to its owners, and it loves a great snooze. The breed does not require rigorous exercises, aside from brisk walk, which means it is a great choice for kids living in small homes. They have some wrinkled mugs that make them adorable, but you need to allow them to roam outdoors frequently due to their short snouts that can make them overheat quickly.

The British Bulldog is one of the bulldog species that is more clownish and but fun-loving in nature. They are quite social with adults and kids alike, and they also adjust to a new environment, sounds and people, quickly.  British Bulldogs are quite tolerant of toddlers, a reason why many homes enjoy keeping them around.

The Newfoundland

The Newfoundland dog breeds are some of the biggest dogs around, they can weigh between 100 and 150 pounds when fully matured. Don’t get intimidated by their huge stature because they are gentle giants and kids enjoy climbing on them. They are quite patient and watchful in nature, and that is why they are often referred to as “Nanny dogs”. They enjoy swimming and other low-intensity activities. Their enduring temperament is the most important trait that makes them ideal for kids, most especially toddlers.  If you have sufficient space in your home, this fluffy dog will surely be a great idea for your kids. They are quite hairy, hence you will need regular use of Dog Clippers to keep their coat healthy.

The Collie

Collies are some of the smartest dog breeds around, and they can help your young kids to become smarter especially outdoors.  Collies are always loyal and they adore younger kids a lot. You don’t have to worry about their fur because they come in different features, they can be smooth or rough, and it is quite easy to trim them with Dog Clippers.

The Boxer

The Boxer is one special dog breed known for its protective nature around children, especially the toddlers. They also possess some fun-loving and upbeat attitude and that is why they remain some of the most popular all over the country. The boxer puppies love jumping a lot, hence parents must keep that in mind. They will require some outdoor regular physical activities to keep them agile and mentally stimulated for different challenges.


There are several other dog breeds that are worth mentioning because of their adaptability to young children. The Bichon Frise is one dog breed is one adorable dog breed you will love to have around your kids. They are quite small in stature, and they are friendly even with people they meet for the first time.  They are amiable in nature and you can choose them for your kids if you worry a lot about allergies because these dogs have a low-shedding coat. The dog is quite playful in nature, hence an ideal exercise companion for your young kids.

The Irish setter is another kids-friendly dog breed you should consider because it is quite social and lovable. The dog breed has a strong affinity towards children and enjoys protecting them from harm. These dog breeds are very active and require some regular exercise.  The whippets are dog breeds that are more “cat-like” in nature.  They have some strong affinity towards little kids, and they prefer the lazy indoor type of lifestyle, though they will require some low to moderate physical activity from time to time to keep them agile.  Other dog breeds that are considered kids’ friendly and worth mentioning include; The Staffordshire bull terrier,  The Mutt, Cocker Spaniel, The Vizsla, Poodle, and Weimaraner.

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