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A Guide to New Puppy Care

There are some common mistakes that even the most dedicated new puppy owner can make. It will ultimately cost the puppies life. So, important to learn about the do’s and the don’ts when it comes to owning a new puppy.

When deciding to get a puppy even for people who want to get a purebred dog, rescues are still an option. There are plenty of pure breeds and rescues some grades are harder to find though and you’ll have to look for a breeder. Do get your puppy at eight weeks, do not get your puppy if it is younger than eight weeks. It is okay to get a puppy that is older than eight weeks but make sure that they are not younger than eight weeks before you bring them home. While raising dog owners are really curious to know learn about efforts stage by seeing puppy growth chart by breed.

Stay away from breeders that try to sell puppies that are younger than eight weeks. Your puppy should be able to walk by itself, it should not need milk and it should have all of its teeth to be able to start eating solid food.  Puppies need to stay with their mother until they are at least a result because they are at this time still relying on the mother’s immune system.

They’ll also be learning important behavior while with their littermates at this time. There are cases in which puppies are orphaned or other circumstances in which they do need to be bottle fed. Do feed your puppies high-quality dog food do not feed your puppy’s canned dog food. I cringe every time I see people feeding puppies or even kittens canned food that is one of the worst things that you can do for your new puppy. Puppies will have a very hard time digesting canned food and it will cause loose stools.

If it is the only thing that they eat it will cost diarrhea and this will just cause your puppy to be very malnourished and they will start losing weight if they’re having diarrhea all the time from the hand food. I always advise to feed a broad diet which you can learn more about here but if that is not an option for you there is high-quality dog kibble if your puppy is having a hard time chewing on the kibble.

Do not resort to can who instead buy milk replacement formula for puppies from the pet store and then soak the kibble in this formula or you can also soak the kibble in warm water until it is soft and then your puppy will have no problem eating that and it will keep them much healthier than canned food to feed your puppy.

Puppy food do not feed your puppy junk food and do not feed your puppy while you’re eating most human food is not good for dogs and even homemade meals are usually not good for dogs because when we cook for ourselves we’re using spices herbs onions garlic all of which are very harmful to dogs. An important habit to get into is to not feed your dogs while you are eating at the table feeding them at the table is just going to encourage them to beg and it’s going to encourage other unwanted behaviors to keep your puppy at home.

Only take him to the vet, do not take your puppy to parks, pet stores or other public places where you will encounter other dogs. You can take your puppy on outings once he is fully vaccinated and his immune system is stronger. There’s a pet store that I shop at regularly and almost every weekend, there is somebody bringing in an 8 week old puppy so that he can pick out his dog beds, some toys, some treats and anything else that they feel he will enjoy and it makes me feel terrible because clearly these people love their new dog but they’re doing one of the worst things that you can do with a new puppy.

They are exposing an unvaccinated dog to all kinds of illnesses during the most vulnerable part of their life taking a new puppy to the pet store or to the dog park is going to end up costing you hundreds dollars in vet bills and could ultimately end up costing the puppies life we all want to show off our new puppy but that is what social media is for so post all the pictures you want but do not take your puppy out of your house unless you’re going to the vet.

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