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Choose the Right Cattery or Cat Sitter

While you’re preparing yourself to go for a holiday, you might opt to leave your pets with a relative or friend to look after them. However, you will need to find someone you really trust. Alternatively, you could find a professional to look after your pets while you’re on holiday. A cattery is a facility for accommodating cats. Always put into consideration some factors such as the price before deciding on the kind of cattery you’ll use for your pets. Don’t go for the cheapest cattery since the price would reflect the kind of care that will be given to your pet.

But how do you choose the best cattery for your cats?

A good cattery will provide a room where you can visit before you board your pet. You’ll be able to look at the facilities available, if there’s enough space, the general condition and the staff of the facility. Some will allow a trial weekend so that your pet will familiarise with the environment. This would help you decide if it’s the best place to leave your pet.

A facility that will allow you ask questions and point out your issues is the best. The issues could be if your pet is undergoing treatment or you would like your pet to be boarded with other pets away from your house. This would help you to come up with better options for your pet.

Leave your pet in a cattery that you’re comfortable with. Ensure that you choose a cattery that is clean, well ventilated, has enough light, has good temperatures, has knowledgeable staff, has ample space where your pet can comfortably move and play and also look if the other pets in the cattery are happy and are cared for properly.

What you need to do

Ensure that you’ve vaccinated and treated your pet from worms and fleas before you board your pet. A good cattery would ensure before you board the facility you have updated certificates for vaccination. They can also refuse to take your pet if it’s very sick or seems to be sick.

You will need a cattery that will ensure that your pet would feel comfortable and homely too, while on holiday. You might find a facility that will allow you to take homely playthings such as toys, bedding and scratching posts and place them to your pet’s allocated space. These items will ensure that your pet feels at home and it will easily adapt to the environment.

The perks in hiring professional accomodation

Your pet will require fresh air without any contamination so as to ensure that it stays healthy and fresh. You will find many catteries are located in rural areas free from pollution, smell and noise. This will ensure that your pet is comfortable and relaxed until you get back from your holiday or your trip.

While you’re on holiday, you’ll be at peace knowing that you’ve left your pet in a boarding cattery where it’ll be well taken care by a professional. Your pet will be secure and won’t roam in your neighbourhood and will stay away from busy highways and other dangerous things.

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