Pets Care Advice Pet Care Don’t let Pet Hair take over Your Life!

Don’t let Pet Hair take over Your Life!

There’s one thing they don’t tell you when you’re picking out that cute puppy or kitten: no matter how much you groom them, they will shed. If you’ve been battling pet hair in your home and on your clothes here are some tips to help you take control!

Keep them brushed. Whether you do it yourself or utilize a grooming service keeping your pet brushed is the biggest step you can take to deleting pet hair from your life. How often you brush depends on the type of pet you have, so if you see them shedding you know they need more grooming.

Isolate your clothes. Keep your closet off limits, and if need be keep your bedroom door closed too. If your pet really has a hair problem consider buying “pet clothes” that don’t show the hair as much. For example, if you have a white cat, skip the black pants. If you walk your dog every day buy a couple of outfits that don’t show the hair and wear them when you’re walking. You can get some great deals at Ashley Stewart, and with an Ashley Stewart coupon you can save even more.

Vacuum regularly. By vacuuming and sweeping often you can keep the hair out of the air so it won’t land on everything. If your pet allows it vacuum her, too! Try holding the vacuum hose as far from the machine as possible and move it gently along his coat. Usually a pet will enjoy the feel of a vacuum but are afraid of the sound it makes.

Check with the vet. If it seems like your pet hair problem just won’t go away it might be a good idea to check with your vet to see if a diet change will make a difference. Sometimes your pet shedding is a sign they need something extra in their diet to keep the coat in top condition. Likewise, you can ask your vet if there is a special shampoo or conditioner that will reduce the shedding problem once and for all.

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