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Is CBD oil beneficial for cats?

Cannabidol (CBD) has been highly publicized as the cure for various health conditions—migraines, arthritis, cancer, insomnia, and more. According to the founder of CBD armor, a CBD oil brand in the UK, customers have given anecdotes of how they have found CBD for cats useful. Most people use CBD as a dietary supplement to treat a wide range of ailments. These include; arthritis, seizures, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia.

While CBD is a component of marijuana, it is not safe to give cats the entire cannabis product. This is because cannabis is a combination of more than 100 compounds, including THC, which produces psychoactive effects in the body. CBD contains negligible amounts of THC, making it non-toxic to cats.

There is still need to see a vet

According to Caroline Alien, a Chief Veterinary Officer at the RSPCA, it is crucial to contact your vet first to rule out any underlying issue. Once your vet diagnoses what your cat is suffering from, they may recommend a more obvious solution such as a plug-in aroma for anxiety. If all common options do not work, then the vet may recommend the use of CBD. When you do get an okay from you vet to use CBD, you still need tread cautiously, as the supplement can make your pet restless.

Track your cat’s response to the CBD first

You should introduce CBD supplements gradually as you track your cat’s reaction. If you notice any mild or adverse changes in behavior, stop using the supplement immediately. Dosage is crucial for cats because their bodies are much smaller than those of dogs and humans. While the correct dosages are not clear, some experts recommend giving 0.5mg for a kilogram of the cat’s weight. You can increase the dosage gradually as you continue to study your pet.

How to give CBD oil to your cat

One method to administer the CBD to your cat is to drop it directly into its mouth. If your cat is aggressive, add the drops of CBD oil into their water or food. CBD oil usually has a string taste and smell which could make your cat resist the food. In such cases, only use the oil when it is absolutely necessary.

What ailments can CBD treat in cats?

Studies in rodents and humans have shown that CBD is effective for treating cancer, diabetes, respiratory infections, parasites, feline immunodeficiency virus, arthritis, digestive disorders, pain, anxiety, and feline hyperesthesia syndrome. Cats are susceptible to various cancers including skin cancer, mammary cancer, mast cell tumors, and oral tumors. Signs that your cat may be anxious include withdrawal, aggression, lethargy, destructive behavior, and vomiting.

Final words

It is important to use CBD oil on your cat for an illness that has been diagnosed by a vet instead of using the oil to treat symptoms. Dosage is crucial for your cat as well. If you notice any adverse effects while using CBD oil for your cat, discontinue its use immediately.

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