Pets Care Advice Pet Care Key Advice from One Pet Owner to Another

Key Advice from One Pet Owner to Another

Animal lovers of the world, what do you do to keep your fur friend comfortable? Is he part of your family? Does he eat when you eat and sleep when you sleep? As a pet owner myself, I know that I am always trying to find different ways to make my pets comfortable and happy. So, I thought I would share a few of the things I do to make my fur and feather friends as happy as I can.

The first thing I want to do is make sure my pet is eating a proper diet. This is for all types of pets: dogs, cats, birds etc., my advice would be to try a few different types of foods for your pets at first, and when you find the one they really like, then stick with that one. Read labels and make sure you feed them the correct amount for their body weight. Do not overfeed and keep table scraps on the table or in your compost garden. As a veterinarian will tell you, people food is not for your pets.

Let’s use dogs as an example for this next part. I’m not putting them up on a puppy pedestal, but I will admit my shelter dog has become my best buddy, and the one I spoil the most. Whether you get your dog from a certified breeder or a shelter, they are all unique in their own ways. All breeds of dogs have something special to contribute to the family and therefore, we want our furry friend or friends to know they are loved.

For my dog, I love to make sure he feels excited in his permanent environment. I want him to stay healthy and energetic. I know that most dogs love a good toy, and some of the best ones are something they can chew on. In my experience, a sturdy braided rope toy or an inexpensive old shoe you probably have stuck back in the closet will suffice for hours and hours of playtime. On a side note and for your pet’s safety – please take the shoelaces out first!

As for other animals such as a cat or bird, a few toys like a swing in the birdcage, or a feather dangled in your cat’s face seem to be fun for these types of pets. Playtime is a different type of joy and exercise for the specific pet breeds. Researching and reading about your pet will help you make smart choices.

Finally, it’s bedtime! Being a pet owner and making all the right choices for your pet is a big responsibility and making sure your pet has the right type of sleep is also imperative to a pet’s health. An inside pet can cozy up on the couch, but if your pet lives outside, make sure when seasons change they have the proper sleep area. Search online where you can purchase an insulated dog kennel, and cat kennel for the pets that prefer the outdoors.

Do your research. Learn about your pet and understand their needs. Love them and they will love you back.

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