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Tips on How to Give Cannabis Oil to Picky Pet Eaters

Dogs are a man’s best friend. However, did you know that most of the habits of a human and his beloved pet are more or less similar? This also includes the eating habits. If you think that you are the only fussy eater at home, you can observe your pet dog. Chances are that it may also be a fussy eater. Making such an animal have something important for their health can be a real uphill task. Pets are sometimes nervous of having something that smells new to them. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome such situations.

Useful Tips to Make Your Picky Pet Eater Have CBD Oil

Here are some tips that can help you make your picky pet eater have CBD oil and gain some health benefits.

  • Drop It Straight In Their Mouth: One of the best ways to make your pet have CBD oil is to drop the pill or liquid straight in their mouth. Use a dropper for the purpose and wiggle it gently between their gums towards the rear end of their mouth. Once they open their mouth, simply drop it right inside. This is a good method that works well with large breeds.
  • Camouflage It In Their Favorite Treat: This method is ideal for small breeds or even cats that require small dosages. Take help of their stinkiest and favorite treat to administer them with CBD oil. The size of the treat will be the primary determinant of the number of drops you can give to your pet. It may range from 1 to 3. Simply drop the oil on the treat and then turn the treat carefully without getting it on your hands. However, if the treat is a dehydrated type or more of a cookie, there is no need for you to flip the treat over. However, do make sure that the treat is one of those that the animal cannot resist.
  • Mix It With Peanut Butter: You can also mix the CBD oil with something delicious such as peanut butter. Simply mix the dosage and give it to your dog in a very normal manner. It normally takes 30 minutes to an hour for the oil to have its effect. Thus, just let the dog take time in cleaning the plate.
  • Mix in Your Dog’s Favorite Food: There must be something that your dog loves to eat all the time. You can simply mix the CBD oil in the food and give it to your dog. This will always help you administer the hemp oil to your dog without even letting the animal know about the presence of the oil in the food.

It is true that CBD oil is useful for dogs in several ways and is completely safe to use. However, the primary health benefit of the hemp oil is its anti-anxiety features. It works like a charm when it comes to curing anxiety related issues. However, it also proves beneficial for humans in several ways. Whatever be the reality, if you have a dog at home, better have CBD oil handy.

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