Have you just got familiar with the joy of having four-legged friends…..and trying to adjust with him???

Then the most important tool you must need is a collar or leash for your pup. You are so lucky that the best collars and leashes for dogs are affordable. These harness or leashes are the comfiest options for your pet dogs when collars are a pain in the neck.

Maybe you think it would e an easy task to choose perfect harness or leash for your dog but when you enter into a pet supplies store, you get overwhelmed by the variety of choices available in the store.

Extreme Dog Gear has the answers to all confusing questions that you need to know before purchasing some perfect tool for your pet dog.

Reasons to choose a harness and leash:

Most importantly you need to keep in mind the reasons to choose harness. These may be:

  • You need to keep your dog safe.
  • You want to teach your dog social manners or want to train him to walk more appropriately.
  • I want to teach him how to choke and pull himself or just need to set the pace for a calm and comfortable walk.

In addition to all the reasons mentioned above, there are some other important reasons to choose a harness or leash for your dog rather than choosing a dog collar. The harness is a perfect choice for your dog when

  • He is suffering from neck pain
  • Your pet friend is a puppy
  • It is a smaller breed dog and collar can pull it too forcefully

How leash helps your dog?

A harness fastens around the body of your pet and it takes the pressure off your dog’s neck as it has a leash near to the shoulder of your dog. The perfect choice of harness for your pet depends upon the size and personality of your dog.

Common types of harness available:

Two types of harnesses are available in pet stores:

No-pull harness:

It is a kind of harness that slightly tightens when a dog tries to pull. The good thing about it is that the force exerted by the leash felts under the front armpit of a dog. This style can be a little uncomfortable for a pooch in the pits and you can observe signs of irritation or rubbing.

Standard harness:

These harnesses are well suitable for small dogs, as it distributes the pulling force of leash against the chest and back of your dog. It is not a good option for large dogs like rambunctious.

Along with the harnesses, there is a variety of leashes available for dogs and puppies. You can select any type according to the needs of your pet. The most common types of leashes are:

  • The standard flat lead
  • Slip lead
  • Harness lead
  • Martingale lead
  • Gentle leader head collar
  • Retractable leashes
  • Bungee and stretchable rubber leashes

If you still find some confusion or issues WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU! is a leading brand of dog tools and dog training equipment manufacturers for working dogs. You can contact us for any kind of inquiries and purchase.

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