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Why Vaccinate?

Vaccinating your pet is one of the most important things that you can do for their health. Animals are exposed to contagious diseases from their environment, the same way that humans are. It only makes sense to protect them if you care for them.

Neglecting to do something as simple as a vaccination can be the difference between life and death. Ask any veterinarian how many animals they try to save from Parvo each year. This illness spreads easily and rapidly. It kills puppies swiftly but not before they endure severe diarrhea and fever. This vaccination is part of a multi-part vaccination. Typically, animals are given a 6-way, 7-way, or even 8-way vaccination that includes Parvo vaccine in the formulation.

Distemper, also a part of the combo vaccines,is a horrible way for an animal to get sick and die. There are also other things that seem more benign but can be deadly for the young pet or the geriatric animal. Bordatella, for example, is an airborne illness that is similar to the flu. It can be treated, at great expense to the pet owner, and can lead to secondary respiratory issues and infections that can be fatal if not treated immediately.

Pet vaccinations Phoenix AZ can also include newer vaccines for snake bites. A rattle snake vaccine has been developed that has shown great promise in giving the animal time to be treated without risk of death. These vaccines are not 100% guaranteed to save your dog in the event that they are bitten. What they can do is prolong the amount of time that you have to seek treatment. Considering that a rattle snake bite that injects a hefty amount of venom could normally kill an animal in under 7 minutes, buying extra time is paramount. A snake bite will not typically be fatal as long as you seek medical attention for antibiotics and fluids as long as your dog or cat is vaccinated.

Many things are now available in vaccines that protect and prolong the lives of our pets. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or a lizard, you should speak with your veterinary clinic staff about the best vaccinations to get for your best friend.

Rabies vaccinations are typically required by law and need to be administered by a veterinarian so that the shots can be tracked. Rabies is always fatal if contracted and it is a disease that can impact humans who come into contact with a rabid animal. A bite or even a scratch to the skin that comes into contact with the saliva of the animal can be reason enough to have the human undergo a series of shots to prevent them from getting the disease.

Rabies is a fatal condition and is preventable. It is often spread by wild animals, such as racoons or skunks. If you live in an area that is prone to wildlife, it is essential that you vaccinate your animals. Remember that in the majority of states and counties it is illegal to have a domestic pet that is not vaccinated for rabies and be wearing a tag to prove as much.

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