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Wrong Foods You’ve Been Commonly Feeding Your Dog


We get it; you probably can’t hold off that desire to share your best meal with your little puppy. In any case, generosity towards your favorite pet is a good gesture. However, I’ve got bad news for you. Not everything you eat is right for your dog. There are other foods that are harmful to your dog’s health.

Sometimes being a good pet owner requires you to know what foods are good for their health. For instance, dogs are the most wrongly fed pets. The idea of wanting to feed them on everything you eat is one mistake every dog owner needs to avoid. We have made a list of common foods that are bad for your dog.

Fatty Meat and Bacon

I know you’ve been feeding your dog bacon, ham, and other fatty stuff with no relatable side effects at all. The truth is these fatty foods are not good for your dog’s health. They cause a condition known as pancreatitisto your dog.

Their high salt contents also mean they’ll cause stomach upsets to the dog. Any uncontrolled consumption will cause your dog to suffer from bloating. To be safe, stick to the ideal dog foods, which you can now cheaply buy from the North East Pet Shop. Their variety of pet foods also means you won’t miss something for your cat if you got one.

Dairy Products

Your little puppy is used to drinking milk on a small bowl, and they seem to love it. This is the ideal time not to be sentimental about their love for milk because dogs aren’t built to process cow milk. They don’t have the enzymes to break down any dairy sugar; hence milk may be harmful.

While other dogs may have a rare ability to cope with the consumption of dairy products, most of them are lactose intolerant. It will cause them to develop diarrhea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal disease. Avoid giving them more milk; it will be of more use to your body.

Uncooked Meat, Fish, and Eggs.

However controversial it may sound, raw meat and fish is never good for your dog. I understand numerous recommendations are encouraging the uptake of raw foods. But raw meat contains bacteria that may be harmful to the dog. These bacteria are even more lethal if your dog’s immune system isn’t robust.

There are even considerable risks to raw diets involving eggs and fish. Continuously feeding your dog raw eggs will make them develop a skin disorder causing it to fall off. Raw fish hides parasites that are detrimental to the point of causing death. Therefore, if you have to give your dog raw foods, it’s better to seek guidance from your veterinarian first.

Final Thought

Keeping your dog in healthy shape is always your ultimate desire every time you see them jump on you. This will not be achieved if you persistently feed them on foods that are not good for them. If you want a great and healthy life for your dog, give them the right foods.


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