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You should give your pet laser treatment for these 7 reasons

Pet laser treatment is still new technology to work in the veterinary field. People might get spooked when we say laser therapy as they think of their skin laser therapy which also includes burns sometimes. But pet laser therapy is very different and can be used at home without any side effects. Those days are not far when you find a pet laser device at any supermarket.

What is a laser, and how does it work?

Laser therapy is a photo modulation that means light has been modulated or amplified into a specific wavelength that works as a beam of energy. This energy enters the tissue by placing it on the body’s surface (skin). It has a soothing or cooling effect on the skin but is warmer inside the affected tissue. 

Reasons: Why should laser therapy be used?

Laser therapy for dogs at home or at the vet is beneficial for several reasons, however, the following are the most important.

  • Painless procedure

It could be soothing. The laser beam works without the need for pressure or uncomfortable animal placement. Most pets will experience a faint warm feeling rather than discomfort from the laser beam. Pets often sleep during the procedure as it is very much relaxing.

  • Noninvasive procedure

What could be best than healing your pet without penetrating their cute fur? This therapy is far gentler than other treatments that could be highly intrusive on the body, including surgery. Your dog or cat is just sleeping or sitting comfortably on a comfortable bed while a nurse or veterinarian points the laser beam at the necessary location.

  • Works without medication

Laser therapy is a painless procedure requiring no medication and uses natural body defenses to heal the body quicker. Amazing, right! Red and infrared-focused light beams are used in laser treatment to excite the cells in a specific body area, producing a therapeutic effect. We like the concept of consuming fewer drugs.

  • It can be used with several other treatments

Laser treatment can work with hydrotherapy, heat massage therapy, acupuncture, and even herbal and conventional medicine. It is the easiest way to treat pain. So, goodbye to prescriptive medicine.

  • Can treat many health problems or conditions

For cats and dogs that have had surgery, we suggest this treatment. When the surgical wound is treated with the laser, healing will occur more quickly and effectively. Additionally, it may enhance ligament and tendon performance. The treatment effectively treats skin disorders such as pyoderma, gingivitis in the mouth, and ear issues since it reduces inflammation and related pain. Laser treatment may treat muscle, tendon, and ligament problems because it eases muscular rigidity and lessens inflammation. It helps with sudden injuries by reducing pain and hastening the healing process.

  • Works with the senior pet for arthritis

The pain and the inflammation brought on by chronic illnesses like hip dysplasia and arthritis may be treated with laser therapy. After multiple laser therapy sessions, several dogs who could barely walk before treatment can now walk and move considerably better. It is lovely to see how much their quality of life has increased and how much the number of prescribed prescriptions has decreased!

  • Low cost and readily available

If your pet requires other than cold laser therapy (home grade), insurance companies increasingly acknowledge the value of this therapy as a widely acknowledged kind of treatment. Now, home grade, class IV laser therapy is used at home and is very handy to use. You need to point the laser gun at the area of pain. 

Depending on the region of the body being treated, the weight and age of the patient, the health of your pet, and the dose, laser therapy timeframes may vary from as little as 20 seconds to considerably longer. It involves no side effects. Only protective goggles are needed both by the pet and you, as the laser can affect the eye’s retina. 

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