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5 Ideas for Publishing a Kennel Club Newsletter

If there is one thing common among dog owners everywhere, it would be their genuine love and affection for those adorable fur babies. There is a very special bond between a dog and their human and because of this love, many cities and towns have formed their own kennel clubs. Not to be confused with chapters of the American Kennel Club, these are local groups who get together socially with others who are dedicated to their canine friends. Whether a breeders’ club or just a dog lovers’ group, if you have a local kennel club, you’ll want to publish a newsletter to keep your members informed of upcoming events and to pass on knowledge as it comes along. Here are some ideas for publishing that local kennel club newsletter.

1. Include Noteworthy News

Sometimes there are contests and shows coming to your area. These you would want to advertise in your newsletter because not everyone will have heard the news. Also, any new science or research could be included to keep your group up to date on the latest canine news.

2. Lighten It Up with a Touch of Humor

Some newsletters always include a meme or two to lighten up the mood and keep the publication interesting. While memes are effective in print format, they are especially appreciated in digital formats. Readers can right click the photo, save it to file, and then publish it on their social media page, or pages. Memes can go viral quite quickly, drawing attention to your kennel club and hopefully bringing in new members to the group!

3. General Dog Care Features

One feature which most dog lovers really appreciate is a section on dog care tips. It could be articles on anything from dealing with barking to potty training to common illnesses specific to breeds represented in the club. Many of us have ‘problem children’ (the four-legged kind) and are not very successful with breed-specific training. These special features go a very long way in between meetings where everyone shares their concerns with other members.

4. Advertising to Bring in Revenue

If you have a local kennel club, chances are you have pet supplies, pet groomers, pet sitters and a whole realm of businesses catering to the pet supplies and services market. Maybe veterinarians in the area would like to advertise as well. Why not sell advertising like newspapers and other periodicals do? This will help to raise money to cover the cost of publication as well as money to be stored in the kennel treasury.

5. Op Ed Section for Local Contributors

What dog owner doesn’t love to share the antics of their fur babies? Sometimes owners and breeders have an expertise that can benefit new members and those new to a breed they just brought home. Perhaps there are social issues which need to be addressed. An op ed is always a nice feature, but it must be clearly stated that these are opinions and should not be taken as being endorsed by the club.

Kennel club newsletters are usually well-received because we sure do love our fur babies. It’s a great way to keep members informed of upcoming events as well as attracting new members to your group. If you haven’t published one yet, perhaps this is the time. What can it hurt to try?

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