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Can CBD oil be given for dogs

CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis and hemp plants. CBD is approved in many countries provided it contains less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the component that makes you feel euphoric and affects your thinking skills. However, though THC and CBD are obtained from the same source, CBD doesn’t make you feel high at all. On the contrary, CBD is legal medicine in many countries, as it is known to reduce chronic pain & swelling, aches, seizures, etc.

A lingering question in the minds of dog owners is if CBD oil can be given for their beloved pets. Keep reading to know more about the same:

Benefits of CBD oil for dogs

According to pet experts, it is believed that when CBD oil reacts with the neuro-receptors in the dog’s body, it can result in the following benefits:

  • Helps to reduce chronic pain in the neck, bone and other joints
  • Helps to provide relief in the case of gastrointestinal issues in dogs
  • Provides relief for dogs that suffer from anxiety disorders and high stress
  • In some cases, CBD oil helps to detect and prevent cancer symptoms in dogs

Usually, CBD oil reacts well with the endocannabinoid system of the dogs and provides them with immense relief without causing any serious side effects. Many pet experts and veterinarians  have confirmed that CBD helps the dogs to feel relaxed,  forget their pain and sleep well.

What should you note?

While it has been agreed by many people that CBD does help dogs to a great extent, there are no rules and regulations related to the dosage that needs to be given to the pets. Also, the laws related to the use of CBD are different in different geographies. Therefore, you should always use CBD with pet-specific foods.

When you buy a pet-specific CBD product, please check it properly to ensure that it doesn’t contain any toxins that are harmful to your dogs. Before you try out any CBD-flavoured foods for your pets, you have to check with your veterinarian first.  It is a good idea to start with a very small dosage initially, before you plan to increase your dog’s CBD consumption. The amount of CBD you give will vary based on the age, gender, general eating habits, pain levels and other factors of your dog. Therefore, be patient with your dog when you are feeding him CBD-flavoured foods.

Always buy organic CBD only. This way, you can ensure that your dogs aren’t exposed to any harmful chemicals in the CBD compounds. Also, never buy any CBD-infused foods that don’t mention the exact percentage of THC content in them. Don’t start with solid CBD foods; your dogs may find it difficult to consume them. It is always recommended that you use a dropper and make your dogs ingest CBD drop by drop, for tracking their progress.

Side effects and risks that you should be aware of

We already told you that CBD doesn’t create any serious side effects in your dogs, if taken in the right way. However, there are certain issues that are quite common in the first few days of CBD consumption:

Giddiness or drowsiness – While CBD does make your dogs relax well, it can also make them slightly drowsy. This usually happens when you give a high dose of CBD to them to control their acute pain or anxiety disorder.

Increased thirst – In the first few days of consuming CBD, you may notice that your dogs tend to drink a lot of water. This is because the chemical content of CBD can hamper the saliva production in their mouths, leading to a dry mouth condition most of the times.

Low blood pressure – Sometimes, when you give a high dose of CBD to dogs, it can cause their blood pressure levels to come down slightly. Don’t panic; this condition will normalise by itself.

In short, though CBD oil is considered to be very beneficial for dogs, we request you to consult your veterinarian before you take the final call regarding the same.

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