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Lighting: 4 crucial tips to transform your home

For many of us, lighting serves a functional purpose – and that’s the end of the matter.

However, if you start to venture outside of your comfort zone with your home’s lights, the difference can be remarkable. Suddenly, features are created out of seemingly nothing, and your rooms have a unique slant that has never been experienced before.

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult (or expensive). Today’s guide is all about showing you this in an easy-to-implement way, as the following four points will highlight.

Focus on the best bits

One of the key mistakes made when it comes to lighting is “standardizing”.

In a new-build home, developers will typically place the ceiling lights in the middle of a room. If you’re lucky, you might get the odd wall light thrown in there as well.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t usually highlight the best bits of your home – all it does is illuminate the entire room in one, fell swoop.

For example, what if you had bought flowers from Avas Flowers? As these Avas Flowers images show, a common endpoint is to place them on a sideboard in a living room. If your room has a mere ceiling light, this decoration is getting minimal attention. Instead, think outside the box, and perhaps placing spotlights above such accessories. Then, when darkness falls, your Avas Flowers have been made into a feature for the room – and it’s all because of the lighting.

Of course, flowers are one example, and there are many more. The point we’re trying to make is that your lighting can help to exaggerate all of the best parts of your home.

…It can also hide the poorer parts

For all the positive aspects of your home, you’ll also have some areas which don’t deserve much attention.

One example might be the extractor fan in the kitchen. This is a grease magnet – so the last thing you want is a shining light to be directed onto it.

As much as you need to emphasize the good parts of your home, try and disguise the areas which have seen better days.

Take a practical approach as well

While lighting is generally an aesthetics game, don’t neglect the practicalities as well.

A prime example is in the kitchen. When you are cooking, you need some form of light on your work surfaces. As such, make sure your lights are positioned accordingly.

The same might be said about hallways. In some homes, lighting is used as almost a guide to navigate people through a home.

Your choice of lighting is key

As you may have gathered by now, not all lighting is equal.

Let’s start by looking at pendants. If you opt for one that is hung quite low to the floor, you immediately create an illusion of height. For lower rooms, this is perfect.

Or, in the case of a large space which is craving coziness, consider grouping together lights which can add to the effect.

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