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Useful Advice for First-Time Cat Owners

If you’re unsure where to start when becoming a first-time cat owner, you’ve come to the right place. Firstly, you need to make sure you do your research before becoming a cat owner. Make sure this is the right path for you and the most suitable animal for your lifestyle. Luckily, cats are self-sufficient and if they’re provided the right home comforts and protection, you’re good to go. Look into knowledgeable websites and advice forums such as Wynnstay for the right advice for you and your cat.


Cats love pure comfort, don’t we all? Ensuring a cat has a cosy bed in a safe and quiet space in the home that they can retreat to will make for a very happy feline friend. Sometimes cats enjoy their bed being placed away from busy spots in the house like walkways and the middle of the room, it is highly recommended that cat beds are placed in peaceful spots to give your new addition space to themselves.


You’ll know you’ve got the right food for your cat if they’re bright eyed and bushy tailed. Signs your cat isn’t getting the right nutrition are looking thinner or larger, a dull coat perhaps with dandruff, lack of enthusiasm and life. If you feel like the cat food isn’t right for your feline friend, you can introduce something more nutritional into their old food day by day over the course of a week until their food bowl is entirely the new product. Chances are, if your cat isn’t a fan of the food themselves, they won’t eat it, so this is a good indicator of whether you’ve got the right product for your new cat.

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Make sure your cat has a litter tray with the right litter for your new addition. Sometimes the best option for a litter tray is to get one that is covered to allow your furry friend some privacy. Believe it or not, cats can be private animals so ensuring they have their own space to go to the toilet is ideal. You can purchase a variety of different litters from crystals, hygiene litter and clumping litter which automatically clumps when liquid is applied, this is ideal for removing any smells immediately.

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There are so many benefits of encouraging your cat to play with toys, these range from:

  • Stress relieving
  • Exercise
  • Eliminating Boredom
  • Confidence
  • Improving their Abilities
  • Improving circulation
  • Mental Stimulation

You can get so many cat toys from various retailers online and in store. You’d be surprised how far a piece of string goes though so don’t worry about spending a fortune on plenty of toys, some string and maybe a feather will suffice.


Finally, ensure you’re signed up to the right vet practice so they’re at the other end of the phone in case of emergencies and when it’s time for your little one to have their immunisations and health checks. It’s so important when having an animal, you prioritise finding a suitable vet.


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